Summer Cover RodiFix AP/RodiFix

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Summer Cover RodiFix AP/RodiFix


Keeping your child cool in the summer months while in the car is very important so why not buy one of our specially designed summer covers?

Made of breathable cotton fabric material it is designed to keep moisture away from your child so that they are comfortable in the car while you travel.

Easy to fit onto the Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtect® and RodiFix car seats this Summer cover can be easily placed over your current car seat cover and washed by hand at 30 degrees.

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Price £35.00


How do I use the Summer cover?
All Maxi-Cosi Summer covers are designed to go over the top of the normal car seat covers. They are elasticated and easy to attach.

What is the Summer cover made of?
All Maxi-Cosi summer covers are made from terry towelling and are designed to keep your baby/toddler/child cooler in the warmer summer months.

How do I wash the Summer cover?
As per the washing instructions or a very cool hand wash with a mild detergent, then drip dry.